Monterey has been one of my favorite and most fulfilling projects to have ever worked on. I really built this theme because I wanted to create a foundation on which you can bring on your own terms and conditions. I want this design, sure, it can be done with Monterey.. I want this design, sure, that’s possible too. The options are pretty much endless. The amount of different configurations are unlimited. A true tailor fit suit is measured to your body, Monterey is measured to your brand. I hope you love it like I did. You can download it for free below.

Web Development, Web Design, Theme Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, SmartyTPL, Liquid, Shopify

Journey Themes


New York City

May 2017 – Ongoing

Final words

Not only have I put hundreds of hours into building this theme, but I also really believed in creating something unique but powerful in terms of generating sales. I really want to dedicate this theme to all the budding entrepreneurs out there, this is my gift to you. I wish you a ton of success!