Dog and Meow


Dog and Meow is a portal based on a community of Dog and Cat lovers. As per the requirements of the project, I designed a simple, elegant and cute user interface for the client. Some dev work was involved but the majority of the engagement was in part doing the web design overhaul and getting the store hooked up to the forum’s user database. Another cool feature was the CSS style cookie I instilled into the front end for Dog vs. Cat users; this gives users the option to hide categories they don’t want to see (because there are a lot categories). In the end, we made sure the design was responsive to mobile devices.

Web Development, Web Design, Theme Development

PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Simple Machines

Dog & Meow


New York City

Aug 2017 – Ongoing

Final words

I love dogs so it’s a given that I would love working on this project. We’ve done so much to ensure an overall better experience when it comes to browsing forums. It’s a tough task especially when you have so many topics. Although we’re still working on completing the site soon, I think the idea of mixing the two little companions is epic (in the name and the idea of both together). I think cats and dogs are meant to be friends.